Silent Purpose

We ponder within quiet reflection
Lost in a silent purpose
Set along tiers of time

Confine me byway of enclosed morality
As I reach to become free
Searching to touch paradise
Melting in ginger and amethyst
Within a highlighted sky

As we are perpetually…
Constricted by expressions
Tied within humanities vow
Struggling within ties that bind

As we seek an inner call

Hoping to comprehend expectations
Falling upon pools of disenchantment
Settling into conventionality
Masking our legitimacy
Shrouded in lies

Building a dynasty
Shimmering in shades of silver and gold
Hoarding what we can not own
Reveling in falsified beauty
Desecrating our temples
Shameful within a façade

As we seek out to trust

Dark Towers loom into a night
Twins within their nativity
Confusions on left or right

A cool reception of harmony
Placates our weary mind
As we look for an immortal land
Where we can run and hide

Dance with me in a sky
Streaked in a beauty
 Of a lightening divergence
Spiked in humanities history
In a rhythmatic symphony
Of deepened strife

As we seek to comprehend






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