Some Things I Know...


There are some things I know to be true, Snow is white, the Ocean blue.
Rain is wet when it falls from the sky,
And stars come out every night.
Just as I'm sure the sun will rise,
This love is real, You see it in my eyes.
Plant a seed and watch it grow, This I'm sure, Watch it grow.

Some things I know!

There are some things in life I need,
Water to drink, And air to breathe.
A place to rest when I need sleep,
When I'm hungry food to eat.
Sure as I need the lord above,
That's how much I need your love.
I need shelter from the cold,
You are the one I long to hold.

Some things I know!

More and more I realize,
How everyday you bless my life.
There are some things in life I want,
A house with a porch and trees out front.
Someone to talk to, someone to hold,
Someone to walk with when I grow old.
I would like all my dreams to come true!

Yet I want them all with YOU!
I just had to tell you so,




Written By:

Tezrac Tetri and published under another name!!!!!!