The Spirit of Wolf


Silhouetted against the horizon

Under the luminous moon

The solitary wolf situated

Extraordinary unto his own

His strength is chronological

His courage unquestionable

He is teacher father and guide

To the unsophisticated wild

Always standing proud and tall

Misunderstood throughout time

They hold the magnificent world

In furthermost regard

Observance before action

Conscientious to his own

Legend has given his guise

Spiritual Archetype

His mate is taken for life

Above all loyal and true

He will seek out and unearth

Forever embrace key to heart

Ominous bays to the moon

Bequeaths his singular power

With Creation of the wind

Layers of fog for cover

Hunting in invisibility

Swift in his manifestation

Mystification to adversaries

He triumphs on in history

The Spirit of Wolf


Author: Kimmy JeanĀ©