The Succubus

She hunts the midnight hour
Crouching upon all fours
Looking for the wicked soul
Traveling deep in the night

Her face rises in the air
Hair strewn upon her face
Inhaling in the scent
An aroma so evil and pure

Drawn as a magnet
She carefully hones in
Silently moving within
Surrounding her quarry
As they saunter near

Circling ever so slowly
She pounces with agility
Barring her jagged teeth
Sinking profoundly within
The mortals' wicked flesh

The moon shines downward
Silhouetting the panorama
Upon the succubus below
As she noshes upon her victim
Strewn athwart on the ground

Sucking him into desiccation
Reveling in the nourishment
She begins to arch backwards
While the aura of blackness
Emanating towards her
Hovering then absorbing in

Succumbing to the power
That her urges inside makes
Dwelling upon the sins of others
For ultimate and definitive survival
Of the lost and weary spirit
As she crouches searching
For Another...

Author: Kimmy Jean