Temptations of Eve

Follow me over a rainbow
Vanished in stolen dreams
Dripping in crystalline light
Fading slowly...
Into emberesque flames
Smoldering them opaque

Gray hours of deep darkness
Sachet me in seductions
Calling soothingly...
In a macabre melody
Of abandoned solitude

Beholden in maceration
Succumbing to warmth
Feeling our skin glide away
As a decadence of man
Begins it final reverie

O' potent Serpent
Coil your path seductively
Upon limbs
Of a knowledge tree...

Hear a hiss...
Within a sultry kiss

Misunderstanding death
Blooming inside its conception
Bowing in humble reverence
Within a lost luminous day

Ghostly conversions
Twist in double rhyme
Vanished amid chimera
Grasping in desperation for
The huntress of death
Corridors of murky sublime

Dawn of dark
Come forth and play
See an ancestral image
Rise from shadowy stones
Leaving us...
Comfortably anesthetized
In a cavity of dismay

O' intoxicating Serpent
Speak in double speak
Twist a fantasia
Within a knowledge Tree

Hear a hiss...
Within an oppressive kiss

Lose your heart...
Dissipate your soul...
As a nocturnal visitor
From depths beyond
Becomes your fiend

Awaken an innovative sin
Swathe our naked body
From luminescent rays
Of an Ancient moonlight
Crying tears of sorrow

Mere children are we...
Falling off a periphery
Lost in dimensions
Hidden behind tomorrows...
Gateway of Hell
Left in yesterdays
Temptations of Eve

Author: KimmyJean