The Soaring Eagle

The eagle soared,
Wings proudly spread
Across the majestic mountains
Back dropped in icy blues

He stood for strength
Spanned his wings for truth
And flew for justice
And equality in all things

He represented a way of life
That stood for righteousness
Represented equal treatment
And freedoms of belief

The eagle is now sitting
Atop two towers of tragedy
Chained with the burdens
Of hatred and mistrust.

His wings are clipped
Like the freedoms of dialogue
Are being suppressed and news
Becomes all but prejudiced

His legs are under arrest
By the balls and chains
In the loss of privacy
And dignity in human rights

His head hangs down
With the casualty of the many
And the fatality yet to come
That graces his once proud roost

One day the eagle will soar again
To stand for Truth and Justice
Unity for all mankind as he
Waits to soar our skies once more

Author: KimmyJean