Today Was Yesterday's Tomorrow


Sunrays of golden light
Reflect upon a ocean blue
Swollen tides
Ebb and flow
Lost in exquisiteness
Of legends foretold…
Soft voices tremor
Withdrawing inside an abyss
Echoing an evocative mantra
Today Was Yesterday's Tomorrow


Calliopes image trapped
Inside an oracles eye
Seeing into an unknown
Barriers wash away
Atop waves separated
By lunar light…
A song croons
Swirling inside an abyss
Hushed in reminiscent mantra
Today was yesterdays tomorrow


Nighttime dialect
articulates inside hearts
As we are released
Into variations of our soul
Geometric matter
Explode into falling dust…
Hushed tones
Twist in a wind
Whispering a malodorous mantra
Today was yesterdays tomorrow


Pawns overtake the queen
As deception
Swirl into rivers
Parlaying judgment
Obsessed by supremacy
Usurping spiritual entities…
Mystified in time and space
Read upon silent lips
Espousing a mantra
Today was yesterdays tomorrow


Author: Kimmyjean

Copyright September 2008



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