Tomorrows’ Remiss

Stretch you arms out wide
Taking in an abundant beauty
Given to an inner sanctity…
Experience sensations of breath
Living within a solemn death


Exquisiteness tarnished yet unseen
Dripping life’s blood
Into a grotto held deep below
Festering a foreboding destiny
By mankind’s devilish hand


Celebrate a former delicacy
Misplaced in our society
Layered within an earthly bliss
Dissolving into a chasm
Fading in yesterdays dream


Carry me away upon a breeze
Flowing upward in a northern air
Replenishing all former blemish
Intuitive upon tomorrows’ breeze
Methodically decaying away


Gaia sheds her forlorn tear
As humanity fuels her fear
Scorning her forest with flames
Titivating her foaming shores
Written amid sands of time


Reach back in a moment
Where nature’s splendor resides
Carrying you soothingly away
Upon a solitary note…
Held in a lore of a fairies lullaby


Stand before an alter of elements
Kneel unto a feminine divinity


Earth, wind, fire, air and spirit
Bask thee unto me
Hold me with your five points
Centered unto thee


Green glades of sublime
Scented in wisps of spring
Yellow petal bouquets
Delightful upon your chin


Cascading breezes
Soothing upon gentile lips
See its movement in a branch
Commemorating our masculinity


Waters powerful magnificence
Purification of inner essence
Sinuous amid an ebb and flow
Drenched in its absolute brine


Fires that burn in a duality
Illuminating our darkest night
Providing its seductive warmth
Lingering within its caustic hearth


Embrace an incantation of spirit
Intertwine a magick between
Joining an elemental sacrament
Deep within our human soul


Disregard signs of abolition
As a single tears ripples
Across boundaries of existence
Washing away our realm
Set forth in a universe


Dance a dance, my minion one
Filled in temperamental romance
As we celebrate an ancient time
Lost in a moment…
Of tomorrows’ remiss



Author: Kimmy Jean