Truth and Justification


The wailing screams within the mind
Shrouding the innocence within
Taking over your inner psyche
The twofold talk back and forth
Shrouding your fears of good vs. evil
For the greater purpose of insatiability


The words coming out of the mouths
The blaming of the responsibilities
Blanketing the iniquity portrayed
For the greater good of the goals
Mitigating the horrifying actions
Ballyhooing in the amasses of half truths


Listening we absorb it in
Morality of revenge and justification
Of what have might have been the truth?
That beyond doubt never was
Deaths that reverberate on
As we march onward in our goals


The train of death continues
Boarding the men, women and children
Lost innocence in the human race
Never to be replaced or mourned with respect
For the rationalization of power and greed
Drumming onward for the New World Order


Rallying behind the powers that be
Filling our minds with half truths
We take the path to the left of us
Knowing listening to the falsities
That never quite add up to the accuracies
We blindly flock to the establishment


The day will come for true justification
For weighing up our procedures
Will we stand proud in our false morality?
In our version of good verses evil
will we stand proud within the
Shroud of lies and deceit we portray?


Author: Kimmy Jean

© 5-2007