Who Should I Love Tonight…?

Looking for perfection
Held in Raindrops
High in a sky
Angel of Mercy
Reach a hand out to me

I stand before
A Dragon's Oracle
Foreseeing a future reflect
Surrounded by Waters blue
Wrapped in ambiguity

Coming and Going
Beyond civil appearances .....
Somewhere time flies by

Dream after dream
Song after song
He will reach for me
And I’ll be gone
Into the Mystic
Of debaucheries heartbeat

Waking up
Against a burning horizon
Clouds of sin

Within Cloudy Storms brewing
Whispering Sands echo
Who should I love tonight...?

Embrace my soul
Caressing in a feathered touch
Gasping for a last breath of air
My essence falling into fantasia
Wandering colossal illumination
Upon a roadway to Oz

Hushed nights
Frolic within secluded realms
Kept smoldering
By sensual spirits…
Behold my darkest of twilight
Fluttering to desire
A wanton touch

He whispers my name…
As sunlight breathes its last gasp
Who should I love tonight…?


Author: Kimmy Jean