Writings of Eternity


Eyelids closing slowly

Saying goodbye to the day,

Senses sailing quietly

And gently far away,

Through the realms of evening

Swim the shadows of the light,

Threadbare remnants of a dream

Adrift upon the night.


Minutes fade to hours

In the corridors of time,

Subtly blended poetry

Without the need to rhyme,

Whispering in corners

Where the stars can never go,

Questions of the evening

That the dawn can never know.


Moonlight painted pages

Turning softly in the shade,

Writings of eternity

That never ever fade,

Gliding through forever

With such ancient muted grace

Like a song from lips of wonder

Or a smile upon a face.


Midnight chimes so softly

From a chapel far below,

Stars within the hourglass

Give off such a quiet glow,

And darkness stretches lazily

Upon the cotton cloud,

And moves away so slowly

Like the thinning of a crowd.


And as the evening wanders

Past the columns of the morn,

Where the distant glint of sunlight

Serenades the rising dawn,

There is such a sense of sadness

At the leaving of the shade,

That the morning weeps in sorrow

As the final shadows fade...



Author: Backsteetdreamer